New Jersey’s Slow Down, Move Over Law & Why it’s so important

NJ slow down laws

New Jersey’s Slow Down, Move Over Law was enacted to ensure safer roadways for motorists and first responders alike. Move Over Laws are all designed to keep first responders safe on the roads, so that they can effectively do their jobs. Without these laws first responders would work in a much more dangerous environment, especially on highways. In 2016, 7 years after the Move Over Law was enacted in New Jersey, a NJ State Trooper was killed while standing on the side of I-295. Even though New Jersey has Move Over Laws, many people do not understand the importance of adhering to these rules and regulations while driving. 

From a AAA Northeast article on the Move over Law: “There is no way of overstating how important it is for drivers to do everything possible to keep first responders safe,” said Lloyd Albert, senior vice president of public and government affairs for AAA Northeast. “By adhering to slow down, move over laws, motorists can ensure that all those who work so diligently to keep our roads safe can perform their jobs with the protection and peace of mind they deserve.” 

To read more of AAA’s article, click here.

When a First Responder is on the side of the road, they are most likely helping someone in an accident or in another kind of distress. Giving them the ability to do their jobs without being injured or killed is vital to citizens safety as well. Safety the most important aspect of this law, but not following it can also result in a ticket and a fine. 

The penalty for not following this law can result in a traffic ticket and fine at a minimum of $100 and maximum of $500. 

For more on the law, check out this article from a traffic attorney by clicking here.

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